2019-20 Summer Reading Lists

Read under a tree sign

Please click on the appropriate links below for your child’s Summer Reading Assignment.  This assignment will count as your student’s first graded assignment for school year 2019-2020 in Literature.

Why Summer Reading?

The goal of this project is to ensure that our students are reading quality literature over the summer.  Two things we want to emphasize are: 1) If you feel that your student is at a level either below or above their grade, feel free to select a book from a different list, and 2) if your student is already reading a book that you deem ‘quality literature’, please complete the assignment using that book. The book lists are to be used as suggestions for those needing examples of ‘great’ books.

Assignment Details

There is liberty within the assignments to make some variations. If your child will work hard to complete a two-page report, he will be graded upon his or her effort not the product.  However, if your student IS able to write a five page report, as is outlined in the Upper School assignment, please encourage him or her to make their best effort.  Lower School students will use the materials outlined in the Reading List document, and appropriate forms are provided below. Have fun delving into the many worlds visited in reading!

Lower School Summer Reading List

K-1 Summer Reading Log

Lower School Book Report Template

Upper School Summer Reading Assignment