Results from the Program

Arrowsmith Successes

After only 9 weeks in our ECA classroom, students and parents were already identifying changes seen as a result of Arrowsmith exercises.

One young man self-reported that his hand-writing has become easier to read and the spacing between words has improved.

  • A mom reported that her son’s engagement with the family has become more natural and that he is more aware of his surroundings.
  • Another mom videotaped her young daughter reading a brand new book from Grandma because she could not believe the ease with which she read all the new words (this young lady has dyslexia)
  • One young man’s father let us know that his son’s usage of nouns and verbs has become more correct.
  • Another young student very suddenly began to recognize when he was writing reversals and began correcting them.
  • One of our oldest students reported that our exercises, in combination with Vision Therapy has made his recognition of b’s, p’s, d’s, and q’s automatic.



There have been multiple studies performed that demonstrate positive outcomes of the Arrowsmith Program. These studies can be found on the Arrowsmith Program website. Follow this link to read more on the program’s background.


There are also a number of neuro-imaging and outcome studies that are currently being conducted. For more information about these current research studies, please refer to to access the Research Initiatives Report.


For further information:

You can contact the Eukarya office at 540-868-0081.

Be on the lookout for Parent Information Meetings that focus on Arrowsmith. These meetings occur regularly, but you are welcome to make a personal appointment, too.

There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Arrowsmith School website.