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Kings & Queens:

Dive into the world of medieval history as we explore the world of royals, foreign lands, traditions, and customs. Prepare to learn what it was like to live during this era as we peer into the world they experienced.

The Amazing Race:

Does your camper LOVE to travel? This is the camp for them! This week we will be racing around the globe, learning about different cultures along the way.

Olympic Games:

Send your aspiring athletes to this camp, as we dive into loads of sports fun! We’ll be competing between the classes to see which class will win the gold. For even more fun, send your camper in his or her favorite team-wear during this special sports week!

Under The Big Top:

Experience an amazing week at the circus, as we venture under the big top! Explore circus performances, animals, and skills through challenges throughout the week!

Pirates’ Adventure:

This camp speaks for itself. We will spend this week learning about all things having to do with pirates! If your camperwould enjoy solving riddles to find a hidden treasure, being a swashbuckling adventurer, and singing sea shanties, this is the camp for them!

Wild, Wild West:

Bring your bandanas, boots, overalls, and cowboy hats as we travel to the rough n’ tough world of the wild west! Expect your camper to come home humming classic Western songs, as we will be living like cowboys the whole week.

How It’s Made:

Does your camper ever wonder why things are made the way they are? If that describes your camper, have them put on their curiosity cap and send them to How It’s Made week! We will be learning about how different things in our everyday lives are made.

Mad Science:

Campers will have the opportunity to become junior scientists this week, embarking on a series of science adventures! This week includes hands-on discovery and exploration, with fascinating experiments that every camper will enjoy.


Lights, Camera, Action!

During this theatrical week of camp, we will dive into great plays & films! We will learn about what it takes to put on a great performance, as well as all the jobs that are included, from sound to acting to directing and beyond.


Outdoor Survival:

Calling all survivalists! This week we will learn how to survive in the wilderness, read a compass, camping basics, and all things 'outdoor’. This week will include a field trip to Camp Highroads, one of the most beloved outdoor adventure camps in our region!

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