Ignite Your Summer with

Eukarya Christian Academy's

Exciting Summer Programs!

This summer, Eukarya Christian Academy is delighted to present a diverse array of summer camps that promise to enrich, entertain, and educate. Our offerings span from athletic pursuits to creative explorations and specialty subjects, all designed within a fun and Christ-centered framework. Whether your child is an aspiring athlete, a curious explorer, or a budding artist, we have a camp that will spark their interest and ignite their summer!

Camp Resources

Use the following links to download PDF resources you will need for participating in our summer programs!

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Summer Kids Day Camps

Camp 5:5 - A Journey Through Creativity and Discovery

Camp 5:5 at Eukarya Christian Academy is your child's gateway to a summer filled with exploration, creativity, and fun. Each week, we introduce a unique theme ranging from the mysteries of science to the expressive world of the arts. Our camps are crafted to encourage curiosity, foster creativity, and promote an engaging learning experience in a supportive Christian environment. From debunking myths to globetrotting adventures, Camp 5:5 offers a well-rounded summer experience your child won't forget.

Sports and Athletics

Elevate Your Game with Eukarya's Athletic Summer Camps

Athletes, get ready to elevate your game at Eukarya Christian Academy's Athletic Summer Camps! This summer, we're offering specialized camps in Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball. Designed for athletes of all levels, our camps focus on skill development, teamwork, and spiritual growth. Open to all with age specific camps throughout the summer, including to those not currently enrolled at ECA. These camps provide a unique opportunity to improve your athletic abilities while fostering Christian values. Secure your spot early and join us for a summer of athletic excellence and fun!

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Agriculture / Dance / Drama / Pottery

Explore New Horizons with Our Specialty Camps

From the tactile joys of Pottery Camp, where creativity meets clay, to the rhythmic moves of Dance Camp, where participants can express themselves through ballet and contemporary dance. For those drawn to the stage, our Drama Camp offers a deep dive into the performing arts, culminating in a vibrant play production. Meanwhile, our Agriculture Camp invites students to connect with the earth and learn sustainable farming practices at the scenic Powder Keg Farms.

Join us for an unforgettable summer experience where you can discover, grow, and create lasting memories!

Discover Farming God's Way

Farm Camp

Experience the wonders of agriculture at our ECA Farm Camp! Join us at Powder Keg Farms for hands-on learning in Farming God's Way, a method that harmonizes biblical principles with modern agricultural practices. From vegetable gardening to caring for livestock, students will engage in various farming activities while learning from expert mentors. Dive into the world of agriculture and discover the abundance of God's creation!

Move to the Rhythm!


Get ready to move and groove at our Dance Camp! Whether you're into ballet or contemporary dance, we've got something for everyone. From K-5 ballet to contemporary dance for grades 6-12, our expert instructor Adaline Nei will guide you through dynamic and fun-filled classes. Register for our weekly sessions! Also day rates are available. Let's dance our way through summer!

Explore the World of Drama


Embark on an exciting journey into the world of drama with our Drama Camp! Led by experienced instructor Aimee Goddard, participants will engage in drama essentials like creating ensembles, character development, and stage directions. With activities ranging from workshops to a complete play production, there's something for every aspiring actor. Join us for an unforgettable summer of creativity and expression!

Unleash Your Creativity!


Dive into the world of pottery and unleash your creativity at our Pottery Camp! Join expert instructors as you explore various techniques like pinch pot, coil, and slab to create functional and whimsical pottery pieces. Perfect for ages 10 and up, including adults, this camp offers 2-hour classes, 5 days a week, where you can craft and decorate your own pottery masterpieces. Don't miss the chance to get your hands dirty and let your imagination soar!