Teaching at Eukarya has been a joy and a blessing. The staff has a sincere love for the Lord and for each of their students. So much prayer and preparation goes into each day, making it a loving environment to learn and grow. The best blessings are the relationships I have made with the students and their families.

Ivette M.


We are so pleased to be able to send our children to ECA. The administration, teachers, student body, and programs have been exactly what was needed for our family. Above all the staff fosters a Godly environment. ECA has been an answer to our prayers!

Tammy Y


Eukarya Academy has been a blessing to our daughter Hailey and our family. We had been homeschooling in the past, as well as had Hailey in another private, Christian school part-time, so she was a bit concerned about transitioning to a new school, new teachers, new friends, etc. Before beginning at Eukarya, Hailey was invited to sit in on classes and visit the school several days. She was welcomed and included by the other students which helped put her mind at ease about this new season in her life as a learner. We have found Eukarya to be a loving, warm, and fun learning environment. One of the things Hailey likes best (as she is a very social person) is that the students act more like siblings than class mates (older and younger students “hang out” and look out for one another). The mixed age grouping and flexible grouping allows for varying instructional levels which is excellent and something I have been impressed with as a professional educator. Also, as a parent and former classroom teacher, I value the fact that the teachers and staff really know their students well and they seek to meet them where they are academically, socially/behaviorally, and spiritually and then desire to grow them to help them meet their God–given potential. Through active learning, the arts, direct instruction, literature discussion groups, modeling, and creative learning activities the students are being given a wonderful educational experience. We also love the clubs and extra-curricular opportunities and family fun nights that Eukarya hosts! This school is a blessing and an extension to our home discipleship and teaching.

Faith B

Parent and Homeschooling Mom

Eukarya has been such a great fit for our family. We are thankful that our kids can learn and be challenged on their individual levels. The teachers have truly invested in our kids on every level, academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Our kids love their school and especially enjoy the family-like community of mixed ages. Opportunities to learn through STEM activities and Robotics team have been highlights of this year as well as our son getting to participate in the student-led worship band. We feel like Eukarya has managed to challenge our children individually while providing a nurturing spiritual community where learning is safe and fun! We are grateful to God for leading us to Eukarya this year.

Marlisa E.

Our daughter is diagnosed with Dyslexia and struggled in special education classes in public schools for years, gaining slow academic progress with increasing emotional distress. School was stressful and overwhelming and eventually she lost her love for learning; developing work and school avoidance behaviors that were unlike her and heartbreaking to see. We prayed for a solution and trusted that the Lord had a plan for her, while supplementing her education with excessive home practice, tutoring and reading camps/classes at the expense of play and family time. And then, God led us to Eukarya….the answer to years of prayer! Within weeks, we had our happy, joyful daughter back! Eukarya’s small teacher/student ratio, individualized learning strategies and experiential approach in teaching nurtures her educational needs and she is thriving! The staff at Eukarya are well trained in learning disabilities and attuned to her specific needs and help accordingly. But, just as important, they are personally invested and genuinely care about each child…teaching and showing God’s love and grace in all that they do! She feels she has been embraced by, and is an important part of, the Eukarya family and now she loves to go to school again! Enrolling Olivia at Eukarya is, by far, the best parenting decision we have ever made for her. We are so grateful to God and the staff of Eukarya for this much needed educational resource…it is truly a hidden treasure in the Winchester community!

Jenny C.


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