Educating the Outstanding Leaders of the Future

Here at Eukarya, we believe that the future belongs in the hands of every child. Regardless of their stand or status in life, we believe that their individuality should be celebrated accordingly. The uniqueness of every child should be valued and sustained to boost their self-esteem, and develop their highest potential as they can be the greatest leaders of the future.


Empowering Families for the Success of their Children

With our mission to educate and transform the character, wisdom, and virtue of our young learners, we are also offering a great learning opportunity to every family and child a special room to provide solid assistance to students who are dealing with learning disabilities. 

As parents of children with learning disabilities, we want to ensure that the struggles of your children will be properly addressed as we want them to grow as confident individuals who can have a happy and thriving life in the future.

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Providing Intensive Interventions to Invigorate Student's Learning Potential

ECA Learning Center takes pride in providing the students with learning disabilities a proven research-based, yet personalized learning support to ensure that the needs of every student shall be met in respective with their personal learning profiles.

With the help of our qualified learning center staff, we believe that every student will walk away with transformed life for they will gain a better and broadened knowledge beyond borders.

Specialized Learning Solutions to Meet the Required Needs of Your Children

Here at ECA, we have made specialized learning solutions to help every student who is dealing with various learning disabilities.

Our services are geared towards equipping the students with the following learning disabilities:

Math Disabilities

Memory Weaknesses



Reading Comprehension

Emotional Regulation

Language Processing Deficits


Social Skills

And more

If your child is struggling with any of these disabilities, ECA Learning Center will ensure that your child will get the best learning guidance from our qualified teaching staff as they provide proven programs such as the Alphabetic Phonics & Wilson Reading System, Cognitive Brain Therapy, and many more.

Proven Solutions With Proven Results

Alphabetic Phonics & Wilson Reading System

To strengthen the spelling, handwriting, reading comprehension, written expression, and fluency of the student, we utilize both of these programs to provide phonics and English language structure for students to adults.

So for students with language-based deficits, dyslexia, spelling proficiency, and gaps in their decoding, we deliver this program with our certified instructors for students' success and growth.


Cognitive Brain Therapy

This therapy is offering a multidisciplinary approach with the use of interactive exercises and games to create a more developed neural connection.

This program is suitable for students who are struggling with visual processing, attention, logic, working memory, auditory processing, comprehension, and more.

Take note that this program is designed for 30 to 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 12-24 weeks.

Committed to Delivering Proven Results for the Children of Our Future

ECA The Learning Center is committed to delivering quality service with proven results. And as proof that we put words into action, here's a testimonial from Sarah-Field Jablecki about Bailey's experience and growth in the tutoring program under Eukarya Academy.

My son, Bailey, started the reading tutor program at Eukarya Academy under a gifted teacher, Rae Cromeens. He was a struggling non-reader with learning difficulties. Rae provided a program for my son to succeed in spelling and reading. Bailey was progressing rapidly, and after 3 months was learning to decode words. These learning techniques inspired him to become interested and involved in classwork at school. He now enjoys reading and loves to tell others how the learning process works with his tutor. Bailey is now working on learning concepts above his grade level. I learned the techniques by watching Rae teaching my son. I would reinforce them at home. I am so grateful for this incredibly gifted teacher.

Please let me know if you have anything else.

Thanks you,

Sarah Field-Jablecki

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