Faith B

Eukarya Academy has been a blessing to our daughter Hailey and our family. We had been homeschooling in the past, as well as had Hailey in another private, Christian school part-time, so she was a bit concerned about transitioning to a new school, new teachers, new friends, etc. Before beginning at Eukarya, Hailey was invited to sit in on classes and visit the school several days. She was welcomed and included by the other students which helped put her mind at ease about this new season in her life as a learner. We have found Eukarya to be a loving, warm, and fun learning environment. One of the things Hailey likes best (as she is a very social person) is that the students act more like siblings than class mates (older and younger students “hang out” and look out for one another). The mixed age grouping and flexible grouping allows for varying instructional levels which is excellent and something I have been impressed with as a professional educator. Also, as a parent and former classroom teacher, I value the fact that the teachers and staff really know their students well and they seek to meet them where they are academically, socially/behaviorally, and spiritually and then desire to grow them to help them meet their God–given potential. Through active learning, the arts, direct instruction, literature discussion groups, modeling, and creative learning activities the students are being given a wonderful educational experience. We also love the clubs and extra-curricular opportunities and family fun nights that Eukarya hosts! This school is a blessing and an extension to our home discipleship and teaching.