Jenny C.

Our daughter is diagnosed with Dyslexia and struggled in special education classes in public schools for years, gaining slow academic progress with increasing emotional distress. School was stressful and overwhelming and eventually she lost her love for learning; developing work and school avoidance behaviors that were unlike her and heartbreaking to see. We prayed for a solution and trusted that the Lord had a plan for her, while supplementing her education with excessive home practice, tutoring and reading camps/classes at the expense of play and family time. And then, God led us to Eukarya….the answer to years of prayer! Within weeks, we had our happy, joyful daughter back! Eukarya’s small teacher/student ratio, individualized learning strategies and experiential approach in teaching nurtures her educational needs and she is thriving! The staff at Eukarya are well trained in learning disabilities and attuned to her specific needs and help accordingly. But, just as important, they are personally invested and genuinely care about each child…teaching and showing God’s love and grace in all that they do! She feels she has been embraced by, and is an important part of, the Eukarya family and now she loves to go to school again! Enrolling Olivia at Eukarya is, by far, the best parenting decision we have ever made for her. We are so grateful to God and the staff of Eukarya for this much needed educational resource…it is truly a hidden treasure in the Winchester community!