What We Emphasize

Classical Christian Education

Eukarya offers its students a Classical Christian education. We approach education as a three-fold developmental process. As outlined in Dorothy Sayers Essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, students are taught in accordance with three stages:

The grammar stage, also known as the poll-parrot stage, is a developmental time in which students have a strong ability to observe and memorize. Students are taught fundamental rules of subjects such as math facts, grammar terms, phonics, historical dates, art, music and geographical terms. These students are approximately 5-10 years of age. The knowledge bases developed in this stage are the fundamental building blocks that the remainder of their education will be built upon. These roots give them a firm foundation for Classical Christian education.

The logic stage follows the grammar stage. During this stage, also called the pert stage, students are approximately 11-14 years of age. These students have the ability to think abstractly and naturally like to argue. In this phase, the importance of defining terms carefully is stressed. They are taught to organize their thoughts. Parts of a well-structured argument are also learned. They are taught to identify and avoid fallacies. The facts and terms learned previously in the grammar phase are built upon and how they relate to other things begins to be understood.

Rhetoric, also known as the poetic stage, is the third stage of the trivium and consists of empowering students to clearly express their own thoughts orally and in writing. Persuasive arguments and eloquent speeches are produced. Also known as the poetic stage, students in this phase of learning are typically 14-16 years old. Their grammar knowledge and logic background serve as a firm foundation to this stage.

Teaching the trivium through a Christian worldview prepares students for lifelong learning. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric are not merely subjects and stages but are tools of learning that may be applied to any subject. Every subject whether it be a language, history, science or knowledge contains fundamental grammar parts, a logical understanding of how those parts work together, that can be assimilated and communicated rhetorically. Classical Christian education empowers its student with tools to approach any subject.

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