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Tuition Rates: Full-Time Students

Tuition & Fees for Full-Time students are located in the document below.

2018-2019 Full-Time Tuition Rates.pdf

Tuition Rates: Part-Time Students

Tuition & Fees for Part-Time students are located in the document below.

2018-2019 Part-time Tuition Rates.pdf

Arrowsmith Tuition Rates

Arrowsmith Program fees cover the use of trademarked exercises, the use and development of curriculum software, and the continuing training and monitoring of Eukarya’s Certified Arrowsmith Instructors.

The annual cost for a full-time Arrowsmith student at Eukarya is $14,000 plus enrollment, technology, and comprehensive fees.

Starting in Fall 2017, Eukarya will offer a part-time program for students who are unable to enroll at the school full time.  Students may enroll in up to 3 periods of Arrowsmith exercises per day.   Fees for part-time students can be discussed with our Arrowsmith Director.  For more information call (540)868-0081 or email

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