Eukarya’s Extended Summer Programs (Agriculture, Dance, Drama, and Pottery)

As summer approaches, Eukarya Christian Academy is excited to introduce our Extended Summer Programs, a diverse and enriching collection of camps designed to spark creativity, encourage physical activity, and foster intellectual growth in a Christ-centered environment.

From the artistic expression found in our Pottery Camp to the rhythmic grace of our Dance Camp, the imaginative adventures of Drama Camp, and the hands-on discovery at our Agriculture Camp, there’s something for every young learner.

These programs are not just about summer fun; they're about building skills, friendships, and a deeper understanding of God’s world. Join us this summer for an unforgettable experience where your child can explore their passions, develop new talents, and grow in faith and character.

Dance Camp

Dance Camp is offered to three age groups which begin each day at specific times.

The dance camp costs $75 per week or participants can choose to pay $25 per day (availability permitting). The form below is to register for the week long camp. Speak with the main office or email for details on daily rates.

Week Dates (start/end)
1 June 10 - June 14
2 June 17 - June 21
3 July 8 - July 12
4 July 15 - July 19
5 July 22 - July 26
6 July 29 - August 2
Age Group Time of Day
Grades K-5 Ballet Dance 9:45-10:45 AM
Grades 6-8 Contemporary Dance 11:00-12:00 PM
Grades 9-12 Contemporary Dance 12:30-2:00 PM

Drama Camp

Drama camp is being offered 3 times.

The Drama Intensive Camp is designed as a three-week program to provide an immersive experience that allows sufficient time for participants to learn various drama skills and rehearse extensively. This extended duration ensures that students can deeply engage with all aspects of theater production, culminating in a polished performance of "Pan!" at the end of the camp.

Each camp requires a registration fee of $50, and the weekly price is $190. For the Drama Intensive Camp, since it spans three weeks, the total cost is $570, plus the registration fee.

Week Dates (start/end) The Camp Name Description
1-3 June 10-28 Drama Intensive Camp Three weeks of drama workshops culminating in a play production of "Pan!", a story of adventure and magic.
4 July 22-26 Music Around the World Explore diverse global music traditions through hands-on projects, folk dances, and unique instruments.
5 July 29-August 2 Comedy Improv Week Dive into the art of improv with a week filled with comedy games, ending with your own improv show.

Pottery Camp

Pottery camp is offered weekly, catering to students aged 10 and older, with parents also invited to attend for an additional fee. During the camp, students will explore different pottery methods such as pinch pot, coil, and slab, creating both functional and whimsical pieces. Some projects will be decorated during the class while others will be glazed by the teacher and ready for collection after firing.

Student Fee: $150 per week (includes $125 class fee + $25 materials fee)
Parent Fee: $100 per week (when attending with a child)

Week Dates (start/end)
1 June 10 - June 14
2 June 17 - June 21
3 June 24 - June 28
4 July 1 - July 3
5 July 8 - July 12
6 July 15 - July 19
7 July 22 - July 26
8 July 29 - August 2
9 August 5 - August 9

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